Who Are We

We’re not some insightful entrepreneurs, nor business insiders with profound understanding of how to start and achieve big success. Instead, we‘re only a group of passionate and dedicated people who are in love with this traditional long-history fabric. The interesting findings about silk are definitely mind-blowing because it never occurs to us that we can actually make our skin, our hair, our sleeping, and finally our life  much better simply by choosing the right fabric of what we wear and sleep on in our daily life. And obviously the right fabric is silk. What intrigues us even more is the idea to find a way to share this great finding with other people. That’s right! That’s what drove us to start Olesilk.

Why OleSilk?

While man has spent decades trying to copy silk with products like synthetic satin, nothing has ever come close to providing the health benefits of the real thing. Since 1986, OLESILK has been dedicated to providing customers with high quality and affordable silk pillowcases. We select 100% pure natural mulberry silk and use high standard craftsmanship to make each pillowcase carefully. OLESILK hopes that every customer will enjoy a wonderful silk sleep life.

At OLESILK, you’ll be able to find some pure silk pillowcases which can be the start for you to use silk, some silk sleepwear which you can wear around the house and some silk bed linen, which, hmm, we think will be the real update to your sleep time.