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When We Shop Silk Products, Whether In Brick-And-Mortar Stores Or Online, There's A Term We Must Figure Out In Order To Pick The Right Silk Products, In Terms Of Cost-Effectiveness, Quality And Durability. Therefore, We're Going To Cover Topics Like What's Momme Count, What's Thread Count And Which Momme To Choose For Different Silk Products In Case You'll Get Confused.

What's Momme Count

Momme Is A Standard Measure Of The Weight Of Silk Fabric And Calculated By Pound. The Measurement Is Taken From A Piece Of 45 Inch Wide And 100 Yard Long Silk Linen. If That Piece Of Silk Fabric Weighs 19 Pounds Then The Momme Weight Is 19. In Other Words, As To The Silk Fabric Linen Of The Same Size, The Higher The Momme Count Is, More Silk Is Used During The Weaving Process, Which Causes The Varying Of Prices For Silk Products Of Different Momme Count. Good Silk Bed Linen Should Have A Momme Weight Of 16 And Over To Endure Constant Abrasion And Repeatedly Laundry. If You Want Your Silk Pillowcases Or Sheets Last Longer, Choose Higher Momme Count Because More Silk Is Weaved For Stronger Durability.

What's Thread Count

To Simply Put It, Thread Count Measures How Many Threads Are In Every Square Inch Or Centimeter Of Fabric. It's A Measurement Used For Both Silk And Cotton. The Count Includes Both The Length And Width Threads, Also Known As Warp And The Length And Width Threads, Also Known As Warp And Weft. The Higher The Thread Count The Better The Sheets Which Makes Sense Because Thread Count Measure How Many Threads Are In Every Inch Of Material But The Quality Of Silk Fabric Is Mostly Decided By Momme Count.Are In Every Inch Of Material But The Quality Of Silk Fabric Is Mostly Decided By Momme Count.

Which Momme Count To Choose

Since Momme Count Measures How Much Silk Is Used During Weaving, It Matters A Lot To The Softness, Luster And Abrasion Resistance Of Silk Pillowcases, Sheets And Clothing. A Momme Weight Of 12-19 Is Considered Good Quality But For Bed Linen But A Momme Weight Of 16 And Over Is Preferred To Endure Abrasion And Repeatedly Washing Without Too Much Distortion Of Shape. Silk With A 19 Momme And 22 Momme Weight Is Generally Considered To Provide The Best Balance Of Strength, Aesthetics And Cost.


Momme Count
Weight per 100 Yards Long, 45 Inches Wide Fabric
Thread Account
Available Products
16 Momme 16 pounds 400 Pillowcase
19 Momme 19 pounds 400 Pillowcase, sheets, sleepwear
22 Momme 22 pounds 600 Pillowcase, sheets, sleepwear
25 Momme 25 pounds 750 Pillowcase, sheets