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Sleeping on silk pillowcases and silk sheets or wearing silk pajamas is good for our skin and hair health. However when we enjoy the benefits of silk, we also need to pay extra attention to washing silk products o as to make them stay in good shape and color for a longer time. This article will talk about tips, dos and don’ts on how to wash silk pillowcase.


Hand-Wash Tips

  1. Use a mild soap or specially formulated silk shampoos.
  2. Swirl and soak silk in cool lukewarm water for 3-5 minutes. If it's printed, just quickly wash it in cold water, no soaking.
  3. Gently move the fabric during soaking from side to side. Don’t scrub, wring, or get rough while washing.
  4. After a maximum of 5 minutes remove silk from water and rinse the fabric with cold water adding a tea spoon of vinegar to completely rid it of the soap. A drastic  change in water temperature can damage silk. Try to match the temperature of the rinse to that of the wash. If you were using cold water (best for protein stains) then use cold water for the rinse. 
  5. Wrap silk in a dry towel to remove the remaining liquid. 
  6. Roll out the silk and straighten it gently at the corners. When most of the moisture is gone from your silk, hang it on a rust-proof hanger in a dry, cool place. 

Machine Wash Tips

  1. Pick a detergent designed for use on silk. 
  2. A cold water, gentle cycle is the one to choose for the machine wash. 
  3. When it comes to drying silk sheets and pillowcases, air drying is ideal, but you may also opt to tumble dry them using a no-heat setting.

How To Iron Silk Products

  • Make sure your silk is still damp before you begin. If it’s already dried, use a spray bottle to add moisture.
  • Silk should always be ironed from the backside.
  • Don't iron silk too hot!
  • Always remember that silk is a protein structure much like human hair. Heat will damage it.

Takeaway: Dos & Don'ts

  • Never spray silk with perfume or deodorant.
  • Never bleach silk.
  • Never expose silk to direct sunlight for longer periods of time.
  • Never wring dry.